Dear Families,

Time has come for our students to have a well deserved holiday.   This has been a year full of worship, learning, and fun!  We wish all of our students a restful and pleasant holiday and we look forward to your return on Tuesday, September 2nd.  Our first community mass will be Thursday, September 11 and that evening we will have a meet the teacher BBQ in Dublin.

     Sadly it is time for us to say goodbye to some of our cherished staff members. We wish all the best to St. Patrick yard monitors Rosemary Belfour, Norma Kahn,     St. Patrick's educational assistant Waneeta McGrath, and St. Patrick's resource teacher Irene Tait.  We also say our farewell to Father Chris Gillespie who will be moving to a new parish in Chatham at the beginning of July.  We will all deeply miss Father Chris - he has been our cherished spiritual leader and trusted guide for the past 7 years.

     To all who are leaving, including our graduates: Kristen B., Matthew B., Jenna B., Emily C., Wyatt C., Jacob D., Aaron D., Hilary Feeney., Matthew F., Emma F., Holly Gaffney., Enock K., Natasha K., Rachel., Anna L., Ryley L., Alexandra M., Alison M., Jake M., Luke O., Jake P., Chloe R., Gage R., Breann S., Austin S., Andrew T., Nicole V., Kaleb V., Elaine W.,  and all who remain I offer this special blessing:


May the rains sweep gentle across your fields,

May the sun warm the land,

May every good seed you have planted bear fruit,

And late summer find you standing in fields of plenty


Happy Summer,

John McCarroll, Principal












"The best gift we can give to any child is to make that child feel wanted, loved and cared for because that child is the greatest gift of God." Mother Teresa