Dear Families,

 The month of November is a time to focus on the virtue of Peace.  Jesus is often called the "Prince of Peace" for his everlasting model of how to love one another. 

During this month we will mark and remember the sacrifice of the military personnel and our ancestors  to whom we owe a great debt- they fought and lived with honour to preserve the profound peace we now enjoy. 

Our schools will be marking Remembrance Day with services at 10:45 - please join us if you are able.  Our community Mass for peace is scheduled for November 13th at 9:15 - all are welcome. 

During this month we will be providing progress reports to all students in grade 1-8.  Please note that report cards will be sent home on November 17th and Interviews will be held on November 20th.  We respectfully ask that all parents take time to meet with your child's teacher to discuss his/her progress. 

Please take time to read all about the other events in our schools this month.  More information can be found on our school website. 


Have a peace-filled November,


Mr. John McCarroll

Principal, St.Patrick's & St. Columban Schools


"The best gift we can give to any child is to make that child feel wanted, loved and cared for because that child is the greatest gift of God." Mother Teresa