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February 2016

A Warm Winter Hello to all of our Families, 

And so we begin the busy month of February and the Season of Lent.  Please be sure to post our monthly calendar in a prominent place in your home so you don't miss any of the upcoming community and faith events!  The Lenten season begins with the school celebrations on Shrove Tuesday - please review the information sent home by Beth & Kerri last week to see how you can assist with this day.  Our Ash Wednesday mass is scheduled for 9:15 at St. Patrick's Catholic Church - all are welcome.  

In the season of Lent we are marked with ashes, a reminder that we belong to God.  As the season progresses we fulfill our pledge to God through prayer, fasting and almsgiving.  Teachers will be sharing their class intentions to pray during this special time.  In our community we reflect on the present day meaning of fasting and how it can be an abstinence from those things that harm relationships- jealousy, hate, mistrust.  Lastly, our school community always participates in an effort to gather alms for those in need.  This year we will support the Chalice program.  A full list of the work done by this organization can be found on our school's website. We thank parents for their contributions last year of $2376.95 for children in need.

Finally we would like to thank those 157 members of our community who attended the Family Tech night.  We are proud of what our students are learning and this event showcased both the digital learning but more importantly the communication skills of our amazing students!  We hope all of you will have a chance to keep track of our school events, learning and celebrations by tuning in to our school Twitter site at: @StColumbanCS . For directions on how to set up your own free account follow the directions on our school website.

Wishing you a blessed February, 


Mr. John McCarroll, Principal
St. Patrick’s & St. Columban Schools










The best gift we can give to any child is to make that child feel wanted, loved and cared for because that child is the greatest gift of God." Mother Teresa