Welcome Back Families!

           It is with great JOY that the staff of St. Patrick's and St. Columban Catholic Schools welcome your children back to the 2014-15 school year. 

           We have so much to celebrate as we begin another faith-filled academic year.  This year we have a long list of Catholic Community building events that we welcome all of our families to take part in -see the liturgical list in this newsletter.  We kick off this year together with our Catholic Community BBQ on Thursday, September 11 at the Lion's Pavilion in Dublin-more details to follow.  We also give thanks at this time for the great academic success achieved last year - our grade 3 & 6 students scored above the board and provincial scores in reading, writing, and math-BRAVO!

In closing I hope to speak to each of you in the next two weeks. We ask that parents take time to review the information in the student planner found on our   website, http://stcolumban-dublin.hpcdsb.edu.on.ca. Students are expected to know and respect the rules of our Catholic Community.  

Please call me this year if you have questions, ideas, concerns.

Together we support the spirit and success of God's children.

With hope and joy,



Thank you to Ron Dixon and his boys for volunteering hours of hard work to make our front

 flower bed look beautiful.

CSAC first meeting September 17th at St. Patrick’s School Dublin 6:30 pm

Mass Days - Sept 11th, Oct. 9th, Nov. 13th, Dec 11th, Jan 8th, Feb 18th, May 7th, June 25th.

 every Mass will begin at 9:15 at St. Patrick’s Church, Dublin.

PA days - the days for Professional Development this year are as follows: September 26th,

November 7th, January 29th, April 24th, June 5th and June 26th.

Holidays –October 13th, December 22-January 2nd, February 16th, March 16-20th, April 3rd & 6th and May 18th.

Milk Program will start on Sept 8, 2014 - forms are available on line or paper copy

Food Days  - First term will start on October 1, 2014

Bus Information - Murphy Bus Lines - Seaforth 519-522-1222

Volunteering at our Schools– please call either school for a package, if already approved by our board office there will be Offense Declaration Forms that will need to be signed and sent back to the school office.

Student Handbook 2014-2015

"The best gift we can give to any child is to make that child feel wanted, loved and cared for because that child is the greatest gift of God." Mother Teresa